May 07 2024 07:17 AM //

Tamo is open! Enjoy
May 04 2024 11:51 AM //

1.2" of rain so far. We're going to close for Sunday. Was really hoping this storm was just a .5" refresher for the trails, but this is back to Marinduro conditions. It's hot this week though so should be prime in a couple days. I guess that shows us we're not safe even if we pushed the race a month.
April 15 2024 10:56 AM //

Back to muddy trails for a few days! Ended up with about an inch of rain on Saturday, nice refresher for the trails that were drying out quick. Looking like it'll be a nice week of sun and warming temps. Enjoy
April 03 2024 05:41 PM //

Alright Marinduro photos are live! [<a href="" target="new">Marinduro 2024 Photos</a>] All proceeds from photo sales go directly to A4B and the Tamarancho trails<br/><br/>

Trial update: So it turns out one person riding through the mud leaves a big rut, 300+ people turns Tamo into PRIME conditions. We'r…
March 31 2024 11:03 AM //

Trails are open! If you didn't get to enjoy the mud-fest yesterday, get out there today I'm sure there is still some left.

Sun in the forecast, we'll be out there all week fixing up the trails. Trail work planned for next weekend on the 6th, sign up on the website. See you out there!

Full race debrief later, stay tuned.
March 27 2024 01:12 PM //

** Tamo is closed until Sunday **

Marinduro is on Saturday, if you are not racing feel free to come out and spectate! Pick up a spectator map at Splitrock.

Trails were still pretty dry this morning. Drizzling out now with more rain expected this evening. Looks like we'll have a nice day tomorrow then around 0.75" on Friday right before the race. We'll see how it pans …
March 21 2024 09:30 AM //

Amazing how quickly the trails dry out. There are a few mud spots around but the majority of the trail feels like summer now after a few days of warm sun. Looks like we may get some refresher storms coming in this weekend. Fingers crossed it clears up by Marinduro!
March 13 2024 11:12 AM //

Tamo trails are open.

** Upper Endor is CLOSED + Lower Endor is open **

A couple more drains were installed last Saturday during the A4B trail work day, check them out on Serpentine!

+ Photos added to Trail Reports

Looks like sun for the foreseeable future, enjoy!
March 12 2024 10:51 AM //

Tamo is open. Got out yesterday for a loop and it is super muddy, so expect that for today and probably tomorrow also. Sun on the horizon though! Should be prime conditions again soon.
March 08 2024 07:10 PM //

Trails are open!

May get some rain this weekend but today was prime conditions so should be fine even if it rains a little.

February 29 2024 09:54 AM //

Another storm arrived this morning. Very windy and everything is soaked already. Tamo closed until next week sometime.
February 24 2024 08:41 PM //

Tamo is open on Sunday!

Lots of rain last week, I thought we would need the weekend to let the trails drain but after a 70+ degree sunny Saturday I think they will be looking good for Sunday. More rain it looks like later in the week so enjoy the trails while we can!
February 14 2024 08:34 AM //

Just in from Vernon: "Lots of moisture is coming in the next few days. Tamo closed until further notice."
February 10 2024 07:33 PM //

Very productive trail work day today. Got all 4 box drains installed on Serpentine, pulled a ton of broom and made a bunch of concrete pavers to be used in a future project. Plus good news, trails are open! Enjoy
February 09 2024 05:03 PM //

Trails will be closed at least tomorrow. I've scouted most of the loop and fortunately the only big tree down is at the top of Endor, it'll take some work tomorrow to clear. The rest of the trails are covered in branches and debris. Hoping we can get through clearing all that tomorrow during the trail work, lots of other projects planned also. Should be a fun morning, hope to see you ou…
February 02 2024 09:53 AM //

Tamarancho will be closed for the weekend. We ended up getting over 4" of rain in the storm that just passed. Nice out today but another big storm arriving Sunday. Trails will be soaked for the foreseeable future.
January 31 2024 08:20 AM //

Closing Tamo preemptively, the main event hasn't arrived yet this morning but the wind is already pretty intense. //

From Vernon @ A4B: Conditions were already muddy on the trails. Today's storm requires a closure until conditions have time to drain. Hope to see you all at Saturday's Broom Pull!
January 27 2024 04:58 PM //

Trails are open! Had a meeting of the mind with Friends of Tamarancho today and it was decided to open the trails for a few days before the next storm hits mid week. Enjoy!
January 26 2024 09:23 AM //

Muddy turns and downed trees. Got out to inspect the loop yesterday. Really needs another day or two of sun ideally. Some of the mud spots will be like that until spring but most of the trail is draining pretty good. Will talk with Vernon and MJ today to figure out the weekend plan. Stay tuned.
January 22 2024 08:37 PM //

"Mt. Tam 7.54" of rain & Ben Lomond in Santa Cruz mountains 7.05""

Yeah, that's a lot. It dumped big time yesterday.
January 20 2024 01:17 PM //

Got out yesterday for a run around the loop to check on conditions before another big rain storm arrived. Total mud bog. All the new trail work is pretty much destroyed. People have been riding with no regard for trail closures. Ugh...

If your tires sink into the mud and you're leaving a 3" indent of mud in your wake... like, stop riding. Go somewhere else. Not that anyone readin…
January 06 2024 05:44 PM //

Hope you got your fill, trails are closed again 😞

Trail Report from Kyle:
Mudslide conditions out there, still very wet considering a few days off the rain cycles

Notable condition updates:
- big tree down on b17 climb just before the redwood section
- pooling on new berm on the top section of broken dam DH
- lower section of broken dam DH mad mudded on new berm
- Go…
January 04 2024 09:23 PM //

Just in from Vernon: We aren't sure about Saturday's rain prediction but we'll play it by ear. I was out at Tamo today and conditions look dry enough to open. Enjoy!
January 04 2024 01:02 PM //

Tamo trails are still closed.

I’m currently on vacation but will update the site as soon as I hear anything.

Hope you all had a nice New Year! Cheers to a happy and healthy 2024.
December 27 2023 12:44 PM //

You knew this was coming! Tamo is closed until further notice.
December 23 2023 03:30 PM //

Trails are open! Enjoy
December 17 2023 08:28 AM //

Heads up, this just in from Vernon:

In anticipation of a major rain event, Tamo is closing today at 12pm and will remain closed until it has a chance to dry out. There is a lot of new work that needs time to compact without tires.
December 09 2023 07:12 AM //

Trails open today at 1pm! ☀️

Access4Bikes has a group of volunteers out this morning doing trail maintenance so please wait until the afternoon to ride Tamo.

Thanks and enjoy!
December 06 2023 07:50 AM //

🚨 Trails are closed

🌧 Haven't got much rain yet but trails are closed through at least Thursday. Will let you know when I hear anything more.

Got out yesterday for my first loop in 6 months, super fun. Nice running into so many people! Prime conditions.
December 05 2023 12:38 PM //

Trail conditions are prime and perfect temp today. Enjoy!
November 29 2023 05:52 AM //

More rain! Woohoo 🎉

Not enough to close the trails but should be another nice refresher. About 0.12" over night, not sure why the real time weather integration is not loading on the site right now. Will investigate.

Have a nice rainy day :)
November 24 2023 09:31 AM //

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Got out for a loop around the lake yesterday, wrist is feeling pretty good. Super stoked to be riding outside.

Chilly in the mornings, conditions are still mostly prime, drys out quick in the sun!
November 20 2023 11:57 AM //

Sunny week after a rainy weekend. Should be perfect conditions out there!
November 18 2023 09:27 AM //

Over 1.5" of rain overnight, it's pretty muddy out there today... but also perfect. Forecast looks like the afternoon starts to dry out. Got a nice run around cul-de-sac in and got soaked on Pam's Ridge. Highly recommend 👌

Have not heard of any plan to close Tamo trails but will update the site and IG if I do. Personally I would probably ride the fire roads today.

November 16 2023 09:06 AM //

Rainy morning but we haven't had more than 0.25" so far in this series of storms. Got out this morning for a run. Trails that are out in the open are looking pretty prime! It hasn't been a ton of rain though so spots in the shade are still dry.

Looks like more rain in the forecast, will update the site if we have to close any trails. So far so good!
November 05 2023 04:58 AM //

Another sunday and another chance for rain! It does finally look like we may have had our last week of summer, but it was nice! Hope everyone got some sun. I'm ready for some wet trails.

Trail crew training today, stay tuned for trail work date announcements coming soon!
October 26 2023 09:50 AM //

First real rain of fall on Sunday, over two inches on Tam, trails got soaked and are still pretty ideal today. I got out for a running loop during the rain which was amazing. It had been a bit since I had done the full loop.

Apologies for the lack of updates, tbh the trails haven't changed a whole lot the last few months of summer and I'm still not able to ride! I know, major bum…
September 19 2023 03:54 PM //

Terrible air today! Wildfire smoke from further north CA/OR.
August 09 2023 05:40 AM //

Almost been a month! Trail status is about the same, it's been mostly hot and dry. I've been in recovery mode still. Taking it pretty easy getting back into activities. Still have a couple more weeks until my wrist is fully healed but my head is feeling good. Have got a few runs in around Bon Tempe and been able to tolerate zwift sessions also. Slowly building back up.

Will try…
July 16 2023 07:18 AM //

Happy Sunday!

Another hot day then it starts cooling off gradually starting tomorrow.

Check out the NWS Heat Risk site for a nice visualization of the hottest spots on the west coast:
July 05 2023 09:25 AM //

Couple days of hot temps but the 4th was pretty nice in the 70s, looks like that'll continue for the week. Trails are dry but still some wildflowers around. I'm still recovering from my injuries but hope you're getting out and enjoying the summer!
June 26 2023 07:02 AM //

Warm midday but we're still getting mostly cool temps here late June. Can't complain! Lots of wildflowers out on the loop still, it's been an amazing year for wildflowers.

Trails are dry but if you get out early there is still foggy moisture in the air. Had a perfect run yesterday morning in Cascade Canyon with Johnny 🐕
June 16 2023 03:11 PM //

Alright, back to what y’all are here for! Trail reports 👊💥 Apologies for the delay since the last one, had some vacations and injuries to deal with.

Trails are very dry, like completely 🦴 dry. Nice cool weather last few weeks to slow down the spring-to-summer transition. Still some green around the loop in the shade, last holdouts before it all turns brown (err, golden) in the coming month…
May 21 2023 06:06 AM //

Sunday update - Got out for the Kooks of the Coast racey-ridey-experience yesterday. The whole event was awesome and hilarious. Totally will do that again.

Trail news - Tamo is drying up quick! Just like everywhere else. Trails are mostly dry at this point and the green fields are getting brown. I think there is a *chance* of some rain next week but we'll see.

Also checkout go…
May 14 2023 06:06 AM //

Should be a perfect nice cool Sunday!

Got out yesterday afternoon, pretty damn hot but we'll be hoping for 80s in a month.

The fields are drying out fast, get out here now for the last of the hero dirt!
May 12 2023 01:36 PM //

Warming up this weekend but still super nice out! Got out for a Deer Park loop yesterday, amazing around there right now also. Super green, lupine fields 👌 I have been on the Tamo routine lately, good reminder to change it up sometimes.

No rain on the horizon, trails are perfect right now though so hope everyone is enjoying it!

Been awesome running into people on the trails lately, …
May 09 2023 09:43 AM //

Sun is out and the trails are prime!
May 03 2023 02:19 PM //

Another storm cell passing through here at 2pm and we are currently at 1.2". Rained pretty consistent over night, Tamo trails are open but probably will be more fun to ride tomorrow. I wandered around Cascade Canyon earlier and it was pretty muddy. Will drain fast though and the next week should be prime again!
April 24 2023 01:05 PM //

Weekend was sunny and warm temps, that may be on repeat for the foreseeable future ☀️

Trails are still running great but almost all dried out. Only a handful of puddles left on the loop. Wildflowers season is here, tons of wild iris especially on wagon wheel.
April 18 2023 08:39 AM //

Back from a week in western Colorado.

Trails were great yesterday and we got a little bit of rain over night. Should be perfect again today.

April 09 2023 07:13 AM //

PERFECT conditions today, can't wait to spend the afternoon at Tamo! Hope to see y'all out there ☀️
April 07 2023 08:21 AM //

Rain? I don't see any rain... 🫣

So far not quite .5" since last night. Nice little hero dirt refresher for the loop. I think we'll leave the trails open seeing as it *should* stop by noon and it's just drizzling right now.

Will update the site if that changes.
April 06 2023 10:35 AM //

Marinduro photos have been delivered, what a response! So stoked for how the race went and it's great seeing everyone already excited for next year.

...back to the regular program. Tamo trails are running perfect right now. Berms have never been better. Dirt is drying fast but still great.

Nice cool temps with maybe a little rain tomorrow. Doesn't look like it'll be e…
April 02 2023 09:08 AM //

Trails are open! ☀️

Marinduro was epic, what a day! Great seeing everyone out there!
April 01 2023 06:05 AM //

Tamo trails are closed today for Marinduro!

Come spectate, you can grab a map at Splitrock before heading up to the course. Endor will be a great spot and I will be at the rock drop on Serpentine (Segment 4). Come say hi!
March 31 2023 07:41 AM //

Ran around the loop yesterday to check on conditions. Draining pretty quick actually and as it turns out after 10+ atmospheric rivers, there aren't a whole lot of weak branches left on the trees.

Tamo will be closed today and tomorrow, but I'm hopeful we can open it for good on Sunday. Stay tuned.
March 28 2023 11:21 AM //

Another storm today so Tamo is closed again. Depending on how much rain we get it could stay closed through Saturday.
March 24 2023 06:25 PM //

Tamo is open! That's all, enjoy the weekend. ☀️

* Probably will close again Tuesday.
March 21 2023 10:29 AM //

Another day another atmospheric river! Crazy winter in CA.

So far another .5" at 10am. Trails were soaked before this and will continue to be soaked after this so unfortunately they are still closed. 😭

Any update to that will be reflected in the trail status below.
March 18 2023 06:47 AM //

The last few days of 60s+☀️ helped a lot but everything is still soaked. Trails are still closed. Looks like more rain expected tonight and tomorrow.
March 14 2023 07:03 AM //

Got out Sunday for a trail run/trail maintenance loop. Completely soaked. Just posted a full update on Instagram.

It's been rain every day since the last post. Looking at over an inch this morning already in the current atmospheric river. Let's hope this passes quick and we get some consistent sun!

Posting some videos to Youtube, be sure to subscribe so you get those notif…
March 05 2023 07:13 AM //

Tamo still closed. Rain in the forecast almost every day for the next week. Hopefully we get sun after that 🙏
March 02 2023 08:18 AM //

Tamo trails currently still closed. Going to head out there once it warms up a bit today and check on the loop. I imagine it's still pretty muddy.
February 24 2023 09:51 AM //

Snow day on Tam. Tamarancho trails are closed.
February 22 2023 09:01 AM //

Windy and cold today. Allergy season has arrived in force. Weather is going to get crazy again the next few days...

“Up to 5 inches of accumulating snow is possible on Mount Tamalpais beginning Thursday night into Friday, according to the National Weather Service.”

Snow run Friday! wooo

I expect the trails will be closed again depending on how much rain we actually get. Stay …
February 20 2023 11:17 AM //

Super nice yesterday and today. Looks like it'll get cold with maybe some rain later in the week.

Saturday trail work on wagon wheel seems like it was productive. I was not out there but went for a run yesterday to check it out. Tons of big drainage cuts, in MY opinion overkill... but what do I know. The new rock garden setup is cool. The main line is easier now, which is nice so I ca…
February 17 2023 06:39 AM //

Trail are open and looking great. There are a few dry spots now but overall still perfect hero dirt conditions. Puddles are all but dried up, little bit of water still flowing here and there.

Doing a lap the other day I was thinking to myself, it feels like more berms than not have been rebuilt this year by Access4Bikes. It's amazing. That recently work on B-17 Extension is so sweet.<…
February 11 2023 08:40 AM //

Bit of rain this morning but cloudy and misty right now. Trails are currently open.

Got out yesterday for a run and it was perfect.

Tamo will be muddy, but lots of recent work by Access4Bikes to check out. Enjoy!
February 08 2023 06:29 AM //

Trails are open! Boy Scouts decided to open them back up yesterday.

Access4Bikes was out on B17 finishing up some work on the berms also.

60s and sunny, I'll be getting out for a run loop today. Hope to see you out there!
February 04 2023 08:06 PM //

Saturday evening post. 8pm and we're at another inch of rain on the day. Amazing.

Trail work day was awesome. Rained the entire time. One group hit mud spots with gravel on Serpentine and Goldman. Another group rebuilt berms on B17. Boy Scouts grilled lunch. I think the last planned Tamo work day for the season but the place looks so good.

Only three people caught on the trails…
February 03 2023 10:28 AM //

Run loop Monday / Bike loop Tuesday / Run loop Thursday ... some quality Tamo time this week!

For a nothing storm, we got over an inch of rain last night. Trails are going to be soaked again, which is great, they were starting to get dry in spots.

Boy Scouts made the call, trails are closed at least for today. Will update as soon as they reopen.
January 30 2023 10:31 AM //

Another super productive Access4Bikes trail work day on Saturday. Lots of work done on Alchemist trail and a small spot on Goldman as well. Installed pavers, spread gravel and pulled a ton of broom.

Great seeing and meeting everyone. Huge props to the students from Terra Linda and Redwood! So awesome to have a community like this contributing to these trails.

Trails are looking ama…
January 28 2023 08:08 AM //

Nice sunny Saturday ☀️

Alchemist will be closed from 9-12:30. Access4Bikes will be out fixing up the trails.

January 26 2023 07:18 AM //

Another January spring day! 60s and sunny, yes please!

Got out yesterday with Ted. Who is a real life, often seen in newsletters and seldom seen on the trails, "Friend of Tamarancho"! Had a great time hearing some of the history of the trails and the Boy Scout mountain bike program. Super nice guy.

Trails are still in great condition. I'll be out there again today, en…
January 23 2023 09:12 AM //

Tamo trails opened yesterday. Got out in the afternoon for a loop. Conditions are awesome.

Definitely some mud spots but actually less than I had expected. Otherwise the trail is perfect. Tons of new berms from recent A4B work are super fun.

Ran into Chris, Chad and Eric. Played leap frog a couple times on Serpentine and Wagonwheel then rode Broken Dam and Goldman together. Was sto…
January 22 2023 09:03 AM //

Tamo trails are open!

Just got the word, site is updated. Time to cancel everything I had planned for the day... See you out there!
January 20 2023 07:53 AM //

Another sunny day!

Tamo trails are still closed. I expect they will need at least a few more days of sun.

The site will be updated as soon as I hear anything!
January 18 2023 08:11 AM //

Cloudy today and looks like we may get a bit more rain this evening but yesterday was perfect and more days of sun on the way!

I went for a 680 loop yesterday. Fire roads have lots of muddy spots but it was all rideable and good fun. The green rolling hill view from the top of Loma Alta is pretty amazing right now. Wild flower season is going to be epic up there this year.

Have not …
January 17 2023 07:54 AM //

Sunny and no wind, I'll take it!

Looks like the Wednesday storm is maybe petering out a bit also.

I hope this wasn't the last of our winter rain, but I'm not complaining this week.

January 16 2023 08:28 AM //

Looking like we may be through it! Bit of wind today but looks like we're going to have some sunny days this week.

Got out to J2 yesterday during a break in the storm. Red tailed hawk was up on top of a tree again hunting in the meadows. Beautiful day.

I'm going to try to hike the loop in the coming days to check conditions.

Stay tuned and enjoy the sun!
January 13 2023 10:24 AM //

More rain today. Dumping since about 7am. Over an inch so far.

Checked on Serpentine yesterday. Drainage work before the storms helped out a lot. With a few sunny days most of the downhill will be prime. It does look like sun next week but we got more rain until then.
January 12 2023 08:34 AM //

Another 3.3" of rain in yesterday's storm. Wind was absolutely crazy yesterday evening, thankfully we did not lose power again.

Today looks like it'll be perfect! Definitely going to get out to J2 to check on the trails and try to get out for a ride also. Hope you can get out to enjoy it.

Looks like more storms for the weekend.
January 10 2023 10:36 AM //

Rain everyday and the winds have been crazy. Lost power the last couple nights for about 10 hours each time.

Haven't been out to check on trails the last couple days. Today the sun is peaking out but sporadic heavy rain so far this morning.

Got out to Cascade Canyon on Sunday, incredible how much rain is in the creek. Fairfax Falls has gotta be epic right now.
January 07 2023 08:29 AM //

Little bit of rain overnight, picking up this morning. Going to be another wet few days.

Got out to B17 and Broken Dam yesterday. A few new trees down but mostly off trail. One pretty big one on Broken Dam. Also that low hanging tree on B17 just before the switchbacks is about 4' off the ground now.

Drainage work has definitely helped.

Trails are completely littered with…
January 06 2023 10:11 AM //

Yesterday afternoon I thought the storm was mostly past. Was planning to do a full loop (on foot of course) to inspect all the recent work. Got out to wagon wheel and got caught in a quick deluge. Wind picked up so I decided to head back to J2 and was rewarded with an incredible sunset. Kicked open lots of puddles on the way.

The trails are littered in tree shrapnel, definitely not safe to…
January 05 2023 11:16 AM //

Power has been out since last night, just came back on about 30 minutes ago. Super windy all night but has calmed down this morning.

Storm totals are less than predicted but still probably 2"+ in the last 24 hours.

Still raining.
January 04 2023 07:50 AM //

Already an inch of rain since midnight and we're just getting started.

Got out to scope Serpentine and Wagon Wheel yesterday, no trees down but lots of puddles. Met up with A4B for trail work on Broken Dam and B17, removed a bunch of downed trees and fixed drainage. A couple huge trees down on upper Broken Dam all clear now.
January 03 2023 08:33 AM //

Got out to J2 yesterday and cleared out some drainage on Serpentine just before the rain started. Trails are soaked.

Weather station shows .78" in the last 24 hours and the big storm starts tomorrow!

Stay tuned.
January 02 2023 07:22 AM //

Perfect day yesterday after the storm and an amazing sunrise this morning, but we have more rain arriving any minute.

Looking like major storms lined up for the next week or so, I may try to hike out to J2 to get some pictures later this morning.

Hope everyone got out yesterday!
January 01 2023 07:45 AM //

About 6.6" storm total over the last 4 days.

Sunny and muddy today!

Happy New Year!
December 31 2022 08:57 AM //

EDIT: 4:30pm - 6.6" storm total currently

8:13am - Since I posted yesterday at this time it has been pretty much storming non-stop. I estimate around 2.8" of rain in the last 24 hours. It really picked up on schedule yesterday afternoon around 4pm and poured all night. Will be interesting to see what Marin Water reports.

Storm total here is about 4.5" at 9am.

December 30 2022 08:11 AM //

Consistent rain overnight, the main storm arrives today. Yard meter is around 1.7" for the storm total.

Will keep you updated on the daily rain totals, working on some integrations for the site also. Stay tuned.
December 29 2022 09:05 AM //

Rain! Around 0.25" of rain so far and more on it's way.

Got out to Lake Lagunitas yesterday. Water is flowing everywhere, really amazing out there right now. The next week is going to be prime time to checkout Cascade Canyon + Fairfax Falls, though you'll need to ford a river or two.

Will keep you updated on the daily rain totals, working on some integrations for the…
December 28 2022 07:42 AM //

Beautiful sunny morning. Next set of storms start coming in later today. This time tomorrow it should be raining again and probably continue through the new year.

The last storm brought around 2.5" of rain in less than 24 hours. Trails are still soaked and Tamarancho is closed.

Good day to cruise around Lake Lagunitas, the redwood forest will be spectacular.

December 27 2022 11:01 AM //

Got out yesterday afternoon for what I suspected, based on the weather forecast, would be the last Tamo loop of the year. Perfect conditions... today, not so much.

I walked out to J2 earlier to check out Serpentine. We're at about 2.5" of rain since last night, the trails are mud slide conditions right now.

They are officially still open if you check the Boy Scout website …
December 26 2022 07:49 AM //

Christmas and Christmas Eve were perfect sunny warm (for winter) temps. Today is looking like it'll stay foggy all day right into a series of storms throughout the week.

Trails are still open and running great, we'll be staying tuned for any closures.

Enjoy it while we can!
December 24 2022 08:32 AM //

It's been cold and overcast the last few days. Sun is coming out today, trails are still prime conditions, should be a perfect Christmas Eve!

Enjoy the holidays!
December 23 2022 03:36 PM //

TLDR; Trails are open and awesome

I've made it out a few times since the trails opened back up. Everything is running really nice, only a few puddles in random spots around the loop.

The trail work on Serpentine looks great, I have not made it down to Alchemist to see the new berms yet but I hear they are 👌

Highlights are definitely B17 and Endor. Conditions are PERFECT …