June 16 2023 03:11 PM //

Alright, back to what y’all are here for! Trail reports 👊💥 Apologies for the delay since the last one, had some vacations and injuries to deal with. Trails are very dry, like completely 🦴 dry. Nice cool weather last few weeks to slow down the spring-to-summer transition. Still some green around the loop in the shade, last holdouts before it all turns brown (err, golden) in the coming months. Giving Goldman some love in the title photo, that spot is always so idyllic. Early morning runs through there 👌 … which btw, got myself on the early morning kick lately. Highly recommend to beat the heat. Such a great way to start the day. 💐 Also some flowers around the loop. Yellow Mariposa Lilly, Mules Ear and lots of Ithuriel's spear still popping. The PO battle is real this year! It’s still flourishing, using up my technu supply quickly 🧼 🐍 Lots of snake sightings this time of year, I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Anyways, I’m off the bike still for a bit but love seeing everyone’s Tamo content! Feel free to tag me as a collaborator on your reels, but there is a punk rock music requirement! 🎶🤘 Remember, it’s ALWAYS the right idea to get out for a ride (or run)! //

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