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May 21 2023 06:06 AM //
Sunday update - Got out for the Kooks of the Coast racey-ridey-experience yesterday. The whole event was awesome and hilarious. Totally will do that again. Trail news - Tamo is drying up quick! Just like everywhere else. Trails are mostly dry at this point and the green fields are getting brown. I think there is a *chance* of some rain next week but we'll see. Also checkout google street view, I have about half the loop live! Plan to get the rest of it tomorrow. ... full report
Alchemist Trail
0.58 miles     +285ft --19ft

B-17 Trail
0.86 miles     +259ft --380ft

Broken Dam Trail
1.90 miles     +277ft --354ft

caballo rojo
0.51 miles     -267ft
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Endor Flow Trail
0.58 miles     --249ft

Goldman Trail
1.00 miles     +188ft --235ft

Serpentine Trail
0.82 miles     +288ft -82ft

Wagon Wheel Trail
1.30 miles     +159ft --123ft
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