February 20 2023 11:17 AM //

Super nice yesterday and today. Looks like it'll get cold with maybe some rain later in the week. Saturday trail work on wagon wheel seems like it was productive. I was not out there but went for a run yesterday to check it out. Tons of big drainage cuts, in MY opinion overkill... but what do I know. The new rock garden setup is cool. The main line is easier now, which is nice so I can roll it on my hardtail. A4B also setup a hard line on the left, which I had never even thought of before so I'll have to take a look at that next time I'm out. I think that is the last planned Tamarancho trail work day of the season. Lots of major upgrades. Anyways, good time to ride the loop if you haven't for a bit. See you out there! //

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