January 06 2023 10:11 AM //

Yesterday afternoon I thought the storm was mostly past. Was planning to do a full loop (on foot of course) to inspect all the recent work. Got out to wagon wheel and got caught in a quick deluge. Wind picked up so I decided to head back to J2 and was rewarded with an incredible sunset. Kicked open lots of puddles on the way. The trails are littered in tree shrapnel, definitely not safe to be out there during the high winds. Planning to scope out B17 and Broken Dam today if weather permits. Would be nice to see how the big madrone trees are sitting before next A4B trail work. RELEASE NOTES: Going to start adding release notes to these updates when there are any. Big weather integration updates have been pushed to the site. You'll notice slightly restyled design, this new data is coming from WeatherUnderground. The "CURRENT" row is coming directly from an Ambient personal weather station placed as close as possible to J2. Until the Boy Scouts let us mount a weather station at the ranger station, this will have to do (mostly joking?). //

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